Gary joined the BDL team as a site supervisor in 1999, having previously worked as a site engineer for Bryant Homes. He was promoted through the ranks to Project Manager, then Contracts Manager, before becoming Construction Director in 2004.

Gary Pritchard


The team at BDL is very close-knit. We all work together to get the standards of quality that BDL is recognised for. In addition to this, the team are very safety conscious; an attitude I encourage at all times. The team are all very loyal to each other and to our company.

There are always new techniques we can adopt – we recently trialled airless spray plaster on site, which is a ready mix product, cleaner to use and less labour intensive without compromising our standards of quality. It’s important that we invest in the team to ensure that we can make best use of these techniques and stay at the forefront of the industry.

There is a concern about the pressures of retaining and attracting quality labour. Our industry is facing a real skills shortage, which is making it more and more important to improve our training and personnel development programmes to make the most of the people we have.

Head Office

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