Vinny has worked for BDL Dry Lining since 1990, he started in the role of a supervisor and has had several roles with in the company including Contract Manager, Regional Manager, Regional Director, and was most recently promoted to Residential Construction Director.

Vinny Walker


BDL Dry Lining has got a very loyal and reliable team, as well as a robust supply chain. As a company, we're focused on meeting the needs of our customers and giving them the confidence that our team can deliver projects on time, safely and to the right quality.

Being a long-established dry-lining specialist, we can use our knowledge to support clients in developing their budget and design plans from an early stage. We pride ourselves on providing clients with a professional, reliable experience. Our longstanding range of projects gives our team the capability to assist with design and pre-planning, but also means that we don't spring surprises on our clients once work begins.

The dry lining market is very competitive - material prices are continuously rising, labour costs are increasing, but clients have got their own costs pressures which limit their budgets. To compensate for this, we put a lot of effort into developing our client relationships so that they understand our ability to deliver high-quality work reliably and at a good price.

As a result, we've seen an increase in new companies approaching us to tender for their projects and have had success in securing contracts with new clients as we've built a really strong reputation as a quality, cost-effective contractor.

I'm proud of all our projects from individual housing units to complex, multi-storey greenfield sites. The team have produced some fantastic results, very high-quality and that's reflected in the volume of repeat business we win.

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