At Careys, our career development programmes provide the opportunity for our colleagues to build their careers. These programmes offer the skills, resources and opportunities that can allow our people to develop and reach their full potential. From trainees and apprentices to those with specialist experience – these programmes present an opportunity for everyone to grow. One of these programmes, which is supported by Careys Civil Engineering (CCE), is Constructionarium.

Constructionarium gives students the first-hand opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills

Established over 10 years ago, Constructionarium provides a “hands-on” construction experience for students and professionals. Participants construct scaled-down versions of existing bridges, buildings, dams and civil engineering projects, from all around the world. The principle behind the course and exercise like this is to provide a link between academic institutions and industry. Constructionarium aims to ensure that the student participants are able to apply the knowledge they have gained on the course in a practical, safe and relevant manner.

Constructionarium is a five-day construction-based working field course, across secure sites. During the course, CCE is able to assess the delegates skills and aptitude, in regards to various construction-related categories, such as budgetary control, methodology and project management. Constructionarium enables us to offer assistance to students, from Brunel University, Strathclyde University and University of East London (UEL), who are aspiring to have a career in construction.

Tara Maiorano – a CCE Constructionarium success story

In 2015, during Tara Maiorano’s first year studying at UEL, she attended Constructionarium. As a result of her participation in this programme, Tara was offered a summer placement at CCE to work on the Hamilton Drive project in St John’s Wood, central London.

Tara’s dedication and enthusiasm during her summer work placement was so impressive that we offered her a full-time role as a trainee engineer for CCE. When she accepted this opportunity, it gave us the ability to provide her with support, whilst she completed her degree through part-time study.

Over the course of her university studies, Tara continued to participate in Constructionarium. In 2016 and again in 2018, Tara attended the course, in order to further advance her career development and expand her skill set. During 2016, she took on the role of supervisor, supporting numerous projects, including Millau Cable Bridge, the Gherkin, Ravenspurn Oil Platform and Don Valley Stadium. In 2018, Tara acted as a supervisor on the Gherkin project. In addition to carrying out her duties as a supervisor, Tara acted as a mentor for other students in the scheme, helping them to hone their skills across a range of construction techniques – from reading drawings to fixing steel.

A bright future lies ahead for Tara, as she continues to encourage the growth of future colleagues

In 2018, Tara graduated with a first-class honours degree in Engineering. She now works full-time for CCE as a site engineer. In addition to her role at CCE, Tara also continues to attend Constructionarium, in order to mentor other UEL students just starting out on the same journey that she embarked upon four years ago.

Please click here to watch how Constructionarium supported Tara through her journey and influenced the work she delivers now.

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