Today is the first day of Constructionarium North, an annual, week-long, ‘hands-on’ construction event for university students. This year, Careys Civil Engineering has partnered with Strathclyde University to provide students who are aspiring to have a career in construction with opportunities to construct scaled-down versions of iconic landmarks – from bridges to buildings.

A decade of practical experience

Established more than 10 years ago, Constructionarium provides an enjoyable, unique and practical construction experience for university students and professionals alike. Participants in this event are able to apply and expand their theoretical knowledge and learning through building models of famous projects. This process allows them to face and overcome real-world civil engineering challenges.

Through exercises like this one, the course attempts to provide a strong link between academic institutions and the construction industry. Constructionarium aims to ensure that students are able to use the knowledge that they have gained in their courses in a tangible, safe and relevant manner.

Practical application of theoretical knowledge

At Careys, we’re passionate about supporting the growth of the industry’s future leaders and innovators. To help accomplish this goal, we will be presenting a series of tasks at Constructionarium North that are designed to challenge students and encourage them to excel. These thought-provoking civil engineering activities will offer the students the ability to utilise a range of resources and opportunities that can help them develop their skills and reach their full potential.

During the course, we will assess the delegates’ skills and aptitude, in regards to various construction-related categories, such as budgetary control, methodology and project management.

Click here to find out about the Constructionarium South version of this event, which was held last month. Discover how participants, such as Tara Maiorano – a Careys Civil Engineering Constructionarium success story – have already begun to experience positive impacts from attending the course.

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