Martin is Chief Operations Officer for UK South and has over 25 years' industry experience gained in a wide variety of civil engineering positions. Martin has played a key role in the evolving nature of Careys Civil Engineering, helping to develop our complementary service capability to best serve industry and client requirements and enhancing our reputation as a contractor of choice.

Martin manages all Careys operations in the south. This involves management from tender stage through to completion. He is also responsible for the oversight of strategic direction and management of project delivery to improve safety and efficiency.

Martin McGuire


The culture within Careys is an open one which encourages honest challenge for us to continually improve. It’s a family-owned company and you get a sense of caring for your colleagues and leaving a legacy to be proud of.

The values I see within our team are about excellence in everything that we do. One where everyone wants to get all the parts to succeed. I try to encourage honest and challenging conversations to get the best for our team, project and clients.

What we do very well with our clients is to put things forward in a simple format, keep things straight forward and transparent. As a contractor, we encourage the team to challenge the presumptions within a project - the contract, the prices, and the methodology to ensure the ultimate success of the project. I’m a firm believer in simplicity bringing clarity. With clarity, you get certainty, that’s what we try to achieve for our clients.

For me, our success is all about our people. We’re always trying to bring in and develop the best talent. This is achieved by valuing all members of our teams and complementing the skill sets within the team.

We’re really achieving benefits for the projects we work on by getting involved at an earlier stage of the process. This allows us to understand the client’s needs at a stage where we can assist and influence decisions by consulting with all stakeholders.

Our time at the Olympic Park. We commenced on a small enabling package and exited after completing £180m of business. It really was a hard and challenging project, but we gained so much from being an integral part of the scheme.

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