Tommy is Group Chief Operating Officer for the Carey Group and joined the business in 1991. He holds a HND in Civil Engineering and has over 20 years’ experience, starting out as a site engineer and progressing through contract management roles within the Carey business, delivering many of the businesses civil engineering contracts.

Tommy contributes significantly to the strategic direction of the Group and the focused growth and expansion within key markets, particularly in the civil engineering and retail sectors across England and Wales. First and foremost he is passionate about the establishment of safe working practices and embedding the Safe Home Every Day culture across our sites. He also champions the development of our young engineers, surveyors and supervisors.

Tommy Carey


When I started back in 1990 I started as an assistant engineer with Careys Civil Engineering, so I've been able to meet people all over the business. It’s great to have friends in the various Group companies and see how they're growing and developing. Careys Civil Engineering has grown enormously since I joined them nearly 30 years ago and the leadership team has grown with Martin McGuire, Bjourn Bigley and Steve Regan.

A large part of what I do now is about supporting the different Group companies - I'm focused on providing support and developing the businesses that need it the most. That's obviously really rewarding as we want to grow everyone together and build a really strong group of businesses.

As a Group we used to be quite focused on London and the South East which came with it's risks and concerns. Diversifying across multiple sectors has helped us to grow away from this as well as build our retail and energy portfolios. We don’t shy away from risk but we focus on putting the right team in place so that we can handle the risk and then building a framework relationship so we get some stability within the pipeline moving forward.

BDL Dry Lining is obviously a great example of one of our companies that have got really strong industry relationships - they're very well known in their market as a high quality, reliable contractor and that's really what we want to be known for.

Behavioural Science is all about treating people the right way and ensuring that the environment is right, you can definitely see the difference once people have been on the course. I've had people say that they question their assumptions a lot more. In the past we’ve been quite heavily opinion based, but now we’re looking at data - Behavioural Science is all about stopping and questioning and making sure that you're well informed before you make decisions.

It’s not about numbers. The business has grown year on year, but we want to make sure that everyone is safe and that everyone is enjoying their work and wanting to come back every day. We never really set a turnover target because it drives bad behaviour. It’s easy to get the work but it can put people in a dangerous situation of chasing work at any cost.

We thrive on repeat business and we only get that by going to work and completing things in the right way. It’s very rare that we only do a single job with a client - for example, Careys has been working with Sainsbury’s for 27 years and completed hundreds of projects in that time. That's exactly how we want all our client relationships to be - trusted, repeated and high-quality.

It’s difficult to say as you don’t really know year on year exactly what's going to happen. I’m mostly involved in civils and the changes that we have in the leadership team have been fantastic - we’re growing young talent, giving people the opportunity to shine and thrive. Seeing how our teams deliver on quality, sustainability and profit margins that’s the future for us and I find that incredibly fulfilling.

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