Careys Civil Engineering has been working on the BSkyB project since June 2007 as Sky undertakes a programme of refurbishment and improvement to their Osterley Campus. Having already delivered Harlequin a1, the Meeting Centre, and the Believe in Better Building, we are now delivering the hard and soft landscaping works.

The landscaping package entails the installation of communication ducts and chambers, rerouting underground services, and hard and soft landscaping. We have created a large garden area for the BSkyB campus, installed paving and a number of paths, and constructed a water feature. We used a variety of high-end materials to meet the client’s requirements including Dunhouse blue stone, Caithness stone, and Caithness slab paving.

The external works included a waterproof reinforced concrete basement and associated earthworks foundations, ground floor suspended slab and concrete topping, as well as the provision of upstands to the upper floor metal decking. In addition to the main building we also constructed a two-storey reinforced concrete frame building for a substation and standby generators.

The team faced a number of challenges including working in an area with a large number of Sky broadcasting and live data cables. As part of our robust pre-construction we established a special permit system during our manual excavation of services thereby ensuring that all services were kept live.

In addition, hotspots of hydrocarbon/heavy metal impacted soils were discovered. The hotspots were sampled and sent for external analysis by Careys’ technical staff. We removed the hydrocarbon impacted materials to a treatment facility for bioremediation. Furthermore, while carrying out external works, an unexploded ordnance was found in the ground. We subsequently had the area cleared by specialists in order to eliminate the health and safety risks these findings posed.

We have been monitoring noise and vibration levels on-site to ensure that we don’t disturb the local community. Furthermore, as part of our commitment to sustainability, we have been reusing the majority of the material found on-site.

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