Careys Civil Engineering was contracted to undertake works on a salmon food production facility consisting of multiple buildings located within an active quarry. Our team was responsible for installing pilecap and ground beam foundations, internal and external drainage, a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) pond, ground floor slabs, reinforced concrete walls, basement dewatering and substructure works, and structural toppings.

Our team began works with the installation of pilecaps for the main process building, before undertaking dewatering around the basement and constructing the basement floor, walls, and capping slabs which included the application of spray based waterproofing to the secant piled walls.

Following this, we constructed liquid storage slabs and tank plinths, structural toppings to the main process building upper floors, external ground floor slabs and the SUDS pond.

Due to the remote location of the site our team faced potential disruption to material deliveries and site accommodation. To overcome these, we ordered in bulk and depoyed our own ‘Bunkabin’ cabins to provide suitable living arrangements for the site team.

The remote nature of the site also meant our teams faced a significant challange in their commute, facing travel times of up to four hours from their homes. To reduce the burden on the team, our site management established high quality accomodation on the site using ‘Bunkabin’ cabins, and organised numerous ‘reward and recognition’ sessions to boost morale. As a result of this, the team worked together to achieve the high standards expected of them, building a strong sense of camaradarie and support.

Our team also successfully completed the challenging installation of 15 sets of bolt assemblies, each with over 100 bolts, on the raw material silo building with zero non conformances. These large bolts measured approximately 1m in length, were set into a circular bolt jig measuring 10m in diameter. The tolerance on the bolts was +/- 5mm global deviation and +5/0mm in height, requiring exceptional levels of performance from our team to set out and cast.

Ultimately, our team managed to complete the project in advance of the projected date, altering the basement wall formwork to carry out the wall pours in less stages and we poured the walls in a sequence which enabled us to bring the capping slab falsework earlier than programmed.

Marine Harvest
Kyleakin, Isle of Skye
Principal Contractor
Robertson Construction

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Carey House
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