The NEQ phase of Regent’s Place is a mixed purpose development, which includes office space and private residential units. This new development completes the larger Regent’s Place development, which is a fully managed, mixed-use campus in London’s West End. Careys Civil Engineering was responsible for the construction of a courtyard maze garden and several landscaped areas. The key challenge to this project has been remodelling and creation of an outstanding public realm within one of London’s busiest commercial districts without causing disruption to local stakeholders.

To ensure the trust of the public, Careys initially ran a trial area and created a transparent hoarding so that passers-by could see our works and enable us to publicly demonstrate our methodologies. The trial area known as the ‘goldfish bowl’ entailed the design and construct of tree pits and laying 450m2 of paving, structural modification to existing substructure, a saw cut to the existing slab, service diversions, the installation of two steel tree tanks, waterproofing and drainage.

Subsequently, Careys was responsible for developing the outline design and remodeling of the public realm. The main scope of works for the hard landscaping included the installation of nearly 12,000m2 hard landscaping materials and 600 cladding panels. The soft landscaping included installation of 13 tree pits and 35 trees. The next stage of the works was the design and configuration of three ‘giants causeway’ areas, using 467 Azul Spanish granite blocks. Finally we installed numerous cladded planters and street furniture, adding bespoke ventilation grills.

The logistics of this project were complicated by the given location, and there was only a single access point to the site. Consequently, we worked weekends and developed a very sophisticated traffic management plan to ensure that local stakeholders were not impacted.

Ultimately, we delivered the project with minimal disruption to general public and stakeholders, and we demonstrated exemplary quality of material and workmanship. The contract was delivered to budget and programme and to the satisfaction of the client.

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