As Head of Careys Design Team since 2016, Cambell is responsible for the development of client and partner relationships as well as for the day-to-day activities of the team. These include the production of temporary works designs, modelling and VE solutions. Cambell provides leadership to the team and direction to the business as a whole. 

Cambell Brown


We’re very focused on understanding our projects in great detail. As a team, we’re in the way we plan and design our jobs. We don’t leave anything unplanned or release a design until we know how it will be built.  This requires a high level of attention and focus from our team, and requires getting input from the right people at the right time.

It all comes down to trying to be the person that understands the project better than anyone else. Our team is totally focused on developing an understanding of projects – putting themselves in the shoes of the people that will be using and implementing our designs, and asking ourselves “is this the best way of doing this?”.

Digital Engineering and Building Information Modelling are two things that are totally transforming the construction industry. By enabling all information about a project to be collated in a single location allows our team to create fully accurate, virtual models of a project, as well as being able to simulate the construction sequences.

Definitely Lots Road Power Station! A really great project that we did on a historic listed structure in London. Our team carried out a raft of design work, developing the façade retention, undertaking the complex analysis of a building with unusual geometry and having to really design considering time and sequences.

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