Maurizio is a chartered Structural Engineer with over twelve years of professional experience. He has extensive international experience in projects ranging from concept to detailed design with multinational clients. His technical experience includes the design of a number of reinforced concrete and steel frame buildings from residential to commercial, hotels, theatre, airports, industrial and underground structures.

Maurizio Desiderati


It's a very friendly team, very supportive, but also very hard working. All the team have got really high standards that we want to achieve, so we're always challenging each other to make sure that we've covered every angle of a job. In terms of my role, this means a lot of communication with the team, making sure that I'm available to answer queries, but also encouraging personal development through seminars and external courses.

I always start with understanding what our client needs - what's driving their project commercially and emotionally. It requires asking a lot of questions because sometimes what's really important to the client isn't naturally the first thing they mention. To me, that's the key though - if we're doing what our clients need, they'll be happy and we'll work on more projects with them.

Clients are becoming a lot more aware of the benefits of things like BIM. From our point of view, it's fantastic as we've been deploying this capability on projects for years and it brings huge benefits to how projects are planned and managed. The more digital collaboration that takes place on projects the easier it is for our team to access the information they need to develop models and value engineering solutions that provide value to our clients.

There have been so many projects - Lots Road, Palace Street, Mount Pleasant. For me, the best ones are those where we manage to surprise our client with a great solution to a problem they're facing, or when our team identifies something that the client had missed, either saving them money or time.

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