Demonstrating a commitment towards local communities, Aoife,Time and Attendance Coordinator, spent her volunteer day at Hammersmith & Fulham Food Bank.

They aim to combat poverty and hunger across the UK, and strive to achieve this objective by providing three days worth of groceries to those in need of support and emergency food within the local community. Aoife supported the team by sorting nutritionally balanced food donations and creating food packages for local residents. 

We regularly receive feedback from employees in relation to their volunteer day experiences. Throughout their various chosen charities we continuously hear about the charity organisers and fellow volunteers they meet. During Aoife's volunteer day she met volunteers who helped at the food-bank regularly, as well as others like herself who were there for the first time. They provided her with more information about the goals and drivers of the food bank and their experiences since volunteering there, making Aoife welcome and able to learn more about the cause.  

Despite the food-bank only being open to the community once a week, the impact of donations and the time devoted by volunteers significantly benefits those in need through tangible and intangible support. At Careys Foundation, we strive to provide employees with opportunities to actively engage in charitable causes and Aoife’s day provides an exemplary example of this. 

Using internal social platforms within the Carey Group, Aoife shared her experience which as a result facilitated more employees to volunteer.

My volunteer day at Hammersmith & Fulham Food Bank was a real eyeopener and an extremely rewarding experience.

Aoife Quinn, Time and Attendance Coordinator, Carey Group
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