At Careys, our employees always come first, as it’s their contributions which lead to our ongoing success. We continuously strive to become #BetterEveryday, and know that the only way to achieve this goal is through the efforts and dedication of our teams.

This week we spoke with Graduate Quantity Surveyor, Sean Thomas, about his role, favourite project and overall experience while working with us.

My role and responsibilities

I joined the Group in June 2018, after completing my undergraduate Quantity Surveying BSc (Hons) degree at the University of Reading.

I’m currently working in the risk management team. This consists of placements in different departments, whilst providing an insight into how the overall business operates, enabling me to complete my competencies for my chartership. It has presented the opportunity to gain an understanding of how different departments work and contribute towards projects.

I’m working on several different tenders and associated contract documents, along with identifying amendments and bespoke terms made by clients. I analyse the risk they may impose, while making negotiations where appropriate.

Knowing I wanted to pursue a career in construction

I’ve always had an interest in pursuing a career in construction. Fortunately, growing up in London, I’ve seen the development of many iconic and captivating buildings. It’s been great having several family members who work in the industry too. They helped me decide on a career in Quantity Surveying.

What I enjoy most

I enjoy working within different departments, as part of Careys graduate programme. Primarily, I’ve been working within the Quantity Surveying team, but I’ve had the opportunity to work with the cost, planning and risk management teams.

Every team I’ve worked with has been very welcoming and supportive. They have all been more than happy to help and assist me, while giving me a lot of responsibility from day one.

One of the great things about working at Careys are the endless opportunities to learn and ask questions. That’s vital for any graduate entering the industry. My questions can range from asking a team on-site about how drainage is being installed, when completing my golden hour, to asking our senior teams about the overall business plan for the Group. The culture of the company has enabled me to develop my knowledge and establish relationships with different people across the group - giving me the ability to gain different perspectives on how construction projects are delivered.

My favourite project so far

My favourite project so far has been assisting one of the senior planners on a tender. They gave me a lot of responsibility and input, more than I initially expected. It provided me with great insight into how construction programmes are developed.

I enjoyed working out the logistics of the programme and resourcing it, while accounting for the client’s requirements. It was worth the hard work, as I have developed my skills and it’s something that I’m very proud to say that I supported. 

Overcoming challenges

There are many different challenges that occur each day in my role, as I’m still early on in my career. Sometimes I struggle to understand how projects are being completed or common terms used within the industry.

Fortunately, I work with people who understand my position and are more than willing to take the time out of their busy day to help me. It’s something I appreciate, more than they think!

Five years from now

I hope to be a chartered quantity surveyor working on big projects. I want to support others early on within their careers, similar to how I have been supported. I look forward to helping others like me to achieve their career goals in the industry.

What the culture at Careys means to me in three words

Caring – For such a big and successful company, I don’t feel like I’m just another number. You get to know quite quickly that employees come first. Everyone’s efforts and opinions are valued. No matter what, you’re always treated with respect. It’s great working in a company where people are so driven and willing to help.

Development – Careys consistently creates and implements innovations and business improvements throughout the company. They develop their staff by providing opportunities for everyone to reach their full potential. One of the regular sayings used throughout the company is #BetterEveryday, which is the ongoing objective.

Passionate - The passion at Careys is an integral part of the culture. Everyone strives to complete their work to the best of their ability, which is fantastic.

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