Jason is Group Chief Executive Officer previously holding the position of Group Chief Operating Officer. Prior to this, he was Managing Director for Careys Civil Engineering. After graduating from university in 2000 he joined Careys Civil Engineering as a site engineer working his way up through the ranks of the business and gaining a broad range of civil engineering and management experience on some of our most complex and significant projects.

Jason Carey


No two days are the same. I'm fortunate to have a role that suits my positive outlook – I don’t believe in negativity because you don’t get anything done with it. I’m constantly trying to look for problems and issues but with the end game of finding a solution. My role means that I get to meet people from all across our Group in pursuit of doing things in a better way. My role is about helping the technical specialists to excel. It’s my job to create the environment to enable people to be better every day. Striving to be better should absolutely be in the DNA of everything that we do – especially in our leaders.

Some of our clients come to me and tell me that they've never seen a contractor setting up jobs the way we do, in terms of the setup, the briefings - making sure that everyone can do their job to the best of their abilities. To me, that's what I love about my job - creating an environment to make that possible.

Communicating a coherent message. People’s behaviours are driven by their perception of what they believe is the right thing for the company. No one comes to work to mess things up - we’re all trying to do things better but if we don’t communicate a coherent message about what we’re trying to achieve, if we don’t articulate that and communicate that we'll never get to the result that we want.

When the Founders set out back in 1969 they took real pride in everything that they did, but as we've grown it's become harder to keep everyone on the same page. We're really investing in how we build our teams and communicate - it's less about command and control and more about engaging and enquiring conversations now along with greater levels of transparency. I think that's how we'll move the business forward into the sustainable future we really want to achieve.

Firstly, anyone can read a book or read a module but it’s not something that we can put everyone through. People at certain levels of the business can have an outsized impact on the company, simply because of their position. Leadership is a privilege not a rank - we teach our leaders that yes, they have a team but they’re responsible for their performance and their potential.

We’re trying to create an environment where it’s okay to challenge – not just 'it’s wrong', but encouraging people to show others a better way of doing things if they know one. Behavioural Science is a big part of this. We want a more natural environment where people aren't scared or afraid to try new things. Companies collapse when they fail to address challenges openly. They collapse because things get covered up and that's not what we're about at all.

Goals can be created, role modelled, target driven or based on beating someone or something. I’m all for created targets. I’ve never believed in '£2bn by 2030' or other arbitrary targets because they just create bad behaviours. People end up chasing cash at any cost. When it comes to being better than someone else, again I'm not so bothered - it doesn't seem like a positive way of thinking to me - comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on the best you can be! We do things different, that’s success in itself.

The one that really resonates with me is about being the best version of who we can be. Success for me is the The Carey Way where everyone has the right tools and training to do their job, enjoys it and is supported to succeed.

Finding more and more great people, the more great people we can find, the better we all become. We’re only limited by our own experience and environment so the more people that we have that are engaged and switched on, there’s no limit to where we can go.

I don’t care where a person is from, I'm bothered about their mindset and approach to work. As a company we're very much mindset over skillset. You can have all the technical skills in the world, but if you have the wrong mindset, you’ll never fit in here. Ultimately, we try to get the best people and then keep them. It’s responsibility and pride we want people to be looking for, not just a job.

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