Pat, John and Tom Carey formed the business in 1969. Pat strives for excellence in everything he does. His attention to detail is an inspiration to all that have worked with him and his drive for constant improvements in standards and how we go to work still drives the business forward today.   

Pat Carey


Advise to prepare for massive changes in technology and the equipment they would start using…and to buy shares in Google…

Definitely health and safety and working conditions. Some of the examples I could give you of how it was 40 years ago, you wouldn’t believe. Things have changed and all for the better.

Enjoy it. It’s a great industry and you can make it what you want. Be in it for the long term and always be open, honest and approachable.

Three things really stick in my mind. The point where we realised that people wanted to work with us over other companies. When we started to get work from large, blue-chip organisations and starting our first job in Scotland. A great deal of others but these were real game changers for me.

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Carey House
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