Tom, John and Pat Carey formed the business in 1969. They set out to deliver high-quality work while maintaining strong ethics and well-grounded family values. Tom built his reputation on working hard and would have worked eight days a week (instead of the seven he did) if he could have – he truly loves the industry. 

Tom Carey


I would tell myself not to change a thing. I have no regrets and although I haven’t got everything right, I am happy with the way it’s all turned out. 

By far it’s two elements for me: technology and plant. When I started out nearly everything was done by hand. Simpler times but hard work to say the least. Now you look at plant and equipment and how it has evolved – no one would have thought we would get this technological when we first started out. Machines digging using GPS – no one would have thought this was possible. 

Also, the facilities have greatly improved – all sites now have canteens and health and safety has become much more important and a bigger consideration.

That it’s a great industry and to throw yourself in 100%. Understand risk and reward and build trust and respect with those around you.  Make a good living from doing something that you are good at and ensure you become financially viable.

It may sound strange and hard to believe but my fondest memory is the hard graft at the beginning! Working seven days a week to keep my promise and complete a job for someone I respected and valued was tough but it felt good. When I started I wanted to make a living from the industry, but as I got into it I soon realised I really enjoyed working in the industry and wanted to make a career from it.

Head Office

Carey House
Great Central Way