Tell us about your role:

Currently I’m working in Work Winning, in a pre-construction role, where my day-to-day role involves reviewing tender documents, looking at a variety of challenges and providing solutions, defining our ‘win strategy’, planning projects for delivery and supporting the estimating team, working with the submissions team on the tender deliverables, the delivery of bids back to our client to give our client the best solution and value for money and then following this through to post tender and keeping an active line of communication with our clients.

I joined Careys in 2009 and prior to joining the Work Winning team in January 2022, I have worked in the UK and Ireland as a Contracts Manager, Project Manager and Engineer.

What's your favourite project that you’ve worked on at Careys?

Working on the 2012 London Olympics when I started with Careys was my favourite project, working with an excellent team and being part of such a special project, which included returning for transformation works to the Olympic Stadium post Games.

Shepperton Studios is a project that I was involved in during the tender period and have since taken through to delivery on site. It is very exciting to be part of the bid team to secure the works and then see it through to delivery on site.

During my time in Careys I have been lucky to work both in the UK and Ireland delivering projects that include North West Cambridge Infrastructure, Bruckana Windfarm, N59 road realignment, TJX Watford, Watford Riverwell and Shepperton Studios.

Whats your dream project to work on?

My interests are in infrastructure packages, like Shepperton – being involved at tender stage and taking the project through to delivery.

Large infrastructure packages - earthworks, drainage packages – the projects where you need the wellies and the ones I enjoy the most! I think this interest comes from my background of always being around heavy plant and machinery.

What advice would you give to other women considering a career in engineering?

Do it, the construction and engineering industry is very exciting with so many different opportunities and so much variety. e confident, work hard, ask questions and be passionate and kind.

Are there any women in construction you admire?

Women are underrepresented in engineering - Today women make up around 14% of construction industry professionals. I have a huge respect for the women in history that have changed the architectural, engineering and construction industry and have taken us to where we are today which is a major advance on 100 years ago in the industry.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Winning work for Careys and continuing to learn and grow in Careys having achieved our strategic goal to be “Partner of Choice” and bidding on projects because the client wants us as their 'go to' company.

“Partner of Choice” and is based on building and valuing relationships with clients, supply chain partners etc and I feel in Work Winning we can play a big part in achieving this goal. I am surrounded by colleagues who are passionate people, acting with care and are always looking to get positive outcomes.