Meet Careys Civil Engineering Black Hat Construction Manager, Sorin Turculet, who shared his experience, responsibilities and career highlights with us.

Our Black Hats supervise teams on-site. They perform the vital role of ensuring that all tasks are carried out safely and to the highest levels of quality. This helps us to create amazing environments and enables us to consistently carry out successful and outstanding projects. Sorin’s passion for taking care of people lends itself ideally to his role. His dedication to following and promoting the Carey Way – by always looking out for others and maintaining exceptional standards – is clear to see.

My role and responsibilities

I joined Careys in 2004, as a groundworker. I then stepped up the ladder and started as a full Black Hat, in 2005 in Stratford.

In my role as a Black Hat, I gather information and pass it on to people – making sure everyone gets the messages they need, when they need them. I also make sure that each worker has the right tools for the job, and that permits and traffic management measures are in place. Additionally, I ensure that things get done as per the method statements and as per the Carey Way.

What I enjoy most about my role

Working with people. It’s about looking after them – seeing and interacting with them, day in and day out, and making sure that they are happy working here and that they are working in a good environment. I want to make sure that everyone comes to work in a safe manner and goes home safely every day .

My favourite project

I don’t have just one favourite project. There are a few projects that I’ve really enjoyed – starting with the Athletes’ Village in Stratford and the works after the Olympic Games. There have been so many challenges and great people that I have worked with along the way.

Advice to anyone looking to pursue a career in construction

Come to Careys! I would say Careys is one of the companies that I would go to straight away, without thinking. This is because they give you so much information and so many opportunities.

The culture at Careys

Working at Careys means being part of a family. It’s a company that looks after its own people. We are open to discussions, taking advice and are always looking out for new ways to improve.