Meet Eren - An insight on his background, career and experience

Our employees are the heart of our company, through them we have delivered exceptional projects, reached fantastic milestones and continuously strive for excellence in everything we do. This week we spoke with Recruitment Coordinator, Eren about his role, projects he's taken on and his biggest achievements....

  • The Carey Group
  • Monday 22nd October 2018

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Life before Careys:

At the start of my working life I had been within various admin related roles, then I decided to do something completely different and out of my comfort zone - so I became an ‘International Flight Attendant’ for British Airways on the A380. A crazy jump! However, while working at BA it gave me the opportunity to work out which career/route I wanted to take. I figured that I enjoyed being the main point of contact onboard for passengers, then came to realise that HR may be a career to explore. I’ve been working at Careys for the past 2 years, originally joining as a HR Administrator, more recently moving into a Recruitment Co-ordinator position.

Role and projects:

Being a Recruitment Co-ordinator involves a fair amount of planning ahead, thinking outside of the box and being one step ahead of the advisors ensuring they have all the necessary tools to carry out their roles effectively, with clear and concise communication/updates.

Some projects that I have been working on is the implementation of our recruitment system. Assisting with Graduate Recruitment along-side our Chief Engineer and coordinating Placements for this year. I also helped pull together our most recent Apprentice Assessment Day - which gave me great insight into how much time and effort goes into making sure these days run smoothly.

What I most enjoy and my biggest achievement:

HR is extremely varied and ever changing, there are different elements that make up the HR function (Employee Relations, Recruitment, Learning and Development) and I like how much scope there is, to either become a specialist in a certain area or have more of a generalist approach across multiple areas.

My biggest achievement working at Careys was introducing a more effective joiner process for new hires; working in HR and learning how things were currently being processed I noticed that there may be a more efficient way in how we present our employment offers to new joiners.

I took it upon myself to carry out research on various providers and re-formatted our documents to online versions, presenting findings to the team whereby we had the go-ahead to proceed. This platform is still currently being used with HR.

Learning, support and development:

Within my first year, Careys put me through my CIPD Level 3 which I have now completed. This gave me the opportunity to learn HR’s functions more in-depth, along with meeting people from different industries and gaining an understanding on their duties within HR.

Everyone in our HR & Recruitment Team have really helped me understand our role clearly, explaining different processes and the potential legal repercussions within certain situations. There is a real sense of family at Careys, and that also goes for within our department.


The culture is very driven here at Careys – and a lot of drive means that no two days are ever the same!

There is always a push to be better, for continual improvement of our candidate and hiring managers experiences, ensuring that we are delivering a valued service and maximising our own potential as a team.


At Careys, you always feel like you’re listened to; you feel empowered to have a voice within meetings – no matter how early you may be in your Careys career.

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