CocaCola, Lisburn

Coca-Cola, Lisburn

Coca-Cola commissioned the construction of the plant in Lisburn to centralise their production and distribution for Ireland. Our team completed works on the 50-acre site, including all external landscaping and construction of the main building which comprised utilities, production, administration, event management and warehouse areas.




Lisburn, Ireland

Principal Contractor


Our team also constructed the surrounding peripheral structures including a garage, refuelling and lorry wash area, a waste management building, an energy distribution centre, several bunded reinforced concrete (RC) tank storage bases, a PET Centre and several external chiller bases.

The enabling works for the project required the temporary diversion of the Lissue stream which intersected the site. Following completion of the earthworks, the stream was permanently diverted into a twin culvert with reinforced concrete manholes and headwalls. The earthworks entailed soil modification of 250,000m3 of lime stabilised clay and the on-site relocation of 80,000m3 of topsoil into landscaped areas.

Drainage was installed along with a wet well pumping chamber for domestic foul sewage, along with four separate lagoons in the landscaped areas to assist with attenuation and diversion of stormwater.

Once completed, we constructed a 10,000m2 car park and realigned and widened Lissue Road, complete with strengthened embankments to accommodate the new entrance. The works involved liaison with Translink as the main Dublin to Belfast rail line crossed the Lissue Road works area and ran adjacent to the site within crane radius zones.

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