Neil first joined the Carey Group in 2009 working as a Commercial Manager for Careys Civil Engineering. He joined Scudder Demolition in 2016 as Commercial Manager, being promoted to Commercial Director in 2017. He holds responsibility for the quantity surveying function within the business, managing the team to oversee the commercial elements of our contracts.

Neil Hayes


We operate in a very transparent and open way. We’ve got a great team, very energetic, keen to learn and support each other. The senior leadership team is keen to make sure that everyone is supported and developed to achieve their potential. A lot of the younger members are undertaking professional qualifications, HNCs and ONCs, a few Masters students in the mix and a whole raft going through RICS to gain chartered status. I encourage the team to support each other, I make sure I set time aside to listen and give advice where I can. I try to demonstrate that working together, being honest and open is the way to be; that if we commit to something as a team, we deliver it as a team.

I try to be professional and straight-talking with all our clients. By being clear and getting rid of ambiguity it makes everyone’s lives easier in terms of getting the right outcomes from our projects. I make sure that I understand the client’s point of view and what they want to happen – it might not always be possible to achieve, but at least if I understand it I can help them get 80 or 90% of the way there.

Technology is obviously moving on at a pace. Ultimately, we’re still doing the same thing we always have, at a high level, but the way we do it is totally different. Technology really speeds things up and there’s been a change in the way our clients are thinking about how to run their projects. As we become bigger and more sophisticated our clients want more from us. Rather than just asking us to come in and knock something down, they now want us to do much larger packages of work. They want us to take on more diverse elements of works that are outside the remit of a traditional demolition firm, but which we’re well-placed to provide. 

Our environmental and sustainability policy is also becoming increasingly important. Our clients want to know where materials are coming from, where they’re going, how we’re recycling them. As we move forward I think companies are going to have to show that they have more than just ‘a policy’ and show some real leadership in the way that they tackle their impact on the environment.

Definitely Selfridges. I take huge pride in having worked on one of the most prestigious retail locations in the country, in a store which was able to continue trading whilst we were carrying out complex demolition works thanks to our methodology. Huge parts of the store were taken out whilst people were shopping. In their dining room, there were people having lunch and on the other side of the wall, there was heavy demolition machinery operating – the retail customers had no idea because of the quality of our soundproofing. The client was extremely happy, they gave us numerous follow on contracts and to me that was a real demonstration of just how good our team can be.

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