Steve is Chief Executive Officer of Careys Civil Engineering (UK), Careys Building & Civil Engineering (Ireland), Scudder Demolition and ION Environmental. He brings more than 20 years civil engineering and construction experience in the UK, the Middle East and Asia, managing large-scale projects in the infrastructure, tunneling and aviation sectors. He joined Careys in 2006 and established our concrete structures capability, a complementary service offering that significantly enhanced the integrated and growing nature of the Carey Group.

Steve is responsible for the delivery of all projects in the above mentioned specialist contracting businesses across the UK and Ireland, from project inception through to operational delivery and handover. This includes a keen focus on pre-construction value engineering to manage all risks and deliver programme and cost efficiencies for clients.

Steve Regan


We’re a place where people can come and progress their careers. The leadership team here at Careys very much believes in giving our teams the best environment and tools to create great work for our clients. Everything we do is about providing solutions and we can’t do that without our people, so for me, it’s about making sure they are equipped to succeed!

I like to see our teams engaging with clients early to understand the challenges the projects we’re bidding for and I focus on giving them the right training and equipment to enable them to overcome those challenges. The way we’ve structured CCE is the teams very much have support around them as opposed to ‘above’ them.

At the end of the day, I just like teams that can communicate effectively and be human. I like to encourage people to step forward with new ideas and work together to make sure we have a great environment to deliver work for our clients.

Our clients have got these projects to deliver; sometimes they’re in the middle of a city, sometimes they’re near services, sometimes they’ve got fifteen contractors on site, none of these are easy things to work with. So for us, the value we bring is all about solving problems.

We plan out every stage of a project, we use digital BIM techniques and a lot of very clever people to analyse a project from every angle. This means that by the time we get to site, our client has got a really good idea of the levels of safety and quality we’re going to deliver.

Our self-delivery model and combined Group resources are also a real bonus for our clients as they enable us to blend a whole raft of capabilities on a project. For example, on some of our projects we’ve worked with Careys Design Team, Scudder Demolition and Seneca Resource Recovery, offering a really bespoke, all-in-one proposition for clients that would usually have had to engage three or four different contractors to get a similar capability.

The game changer for us is all around our people. We’re only as good as the people we have and it’s becoming more and more competitive to attract and retain those people. We’re investing a lot of time and money in developing our teams, on bringing them on an inclusive journey and giving them the careers they aspire to have.

We are focused on ensuring we have a great environment for our teams to thrive in, and as a result we are still attracting great candidates. Once we’ve got them we encourage collaborative working, which is quite different to what we had years ago.

I’m proud of everything that we do. I’m proud of our progression through the years and truthfully, I’m more proud of our people than the projects. Of course, I love that we did projects like the British Museum, 22 Bishopsgate, Ferrybridge and Millerhill and so on – they’re all great projects, but I take much greater pleasure in the individuals that delivered them projects.

To me, I get no greater sense of pride than when clients love working with our teams; that’s when we know we are getting things right. Our teams are great ambassadors for our company and they have great careers ahead of them. That’s what really makes me proud.

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