Scudder Demolition has been appointed as the principal contractor for phase one, undertaking work for the redevelopment of the former Bow Street Magistrates Court in London. Multiple Carey Group companies including Careys Design Team, Careys Civil Engineering and ION Environmental are working alongside our team on the project, installing drainage, constructing a new basement and ensuring the safe removal of asbestos from within the building.

The enabling works undertaken by our team in the first phase have entailed a soft strip of the building, the formation of new structural openings, installation of new steelwork, and the partial demolition of various structural and non-structural elements.

As part of this project, our team is undertaking delicate works on a Grade II listed façade within a tightly constrained site that has space for just a single site entrance. Our extensive history of working with listed structures, including Lots Road power station and One Palace Street has ensured our team had a qualified, experienced approach to working safely with the structure.

The extensive alterations to the structure undertaken in phase two include the construction of an eight-storey, reinforced concrete frame that includes a second basement level below the existing single-storey basement. This new structure is being constructed through a joint effort by Scudder and Careys Civil Engineering and covers the areas of the existing courtyard, with the retained walls of the structure forming it’s boundary. To enable these works, our team is demolishing the existing basement and ground floor structure for the central courtyard up to the Crown Court façade.

Our team is also increasing the available floorspace of the structure through the formation of new rooftop extensions which will add further storeys to the building. To facilitate the alterations to the structure, our team is upgrading the existing timber floors, introducing new structural openings to facilitate movement throughout the building.

Our team will also replace the ground level, load bearing slabs to support the extended structure and upgrade the existing pavement vaults to ensure the stability of the new structure. To ensure the robustness of these works, our team undertook a site investigation and environmental survey which included the digging of multiple trial pits and two boreholes to ascertain the state of the ground conditions and existing structural foundations.

In addition to this, we commissioned structural surveys and materials testing to establish the properties of the existing masonry, concrete jack arches and steelwork. Due to the age of the building, much of the concrete of the jack arches had deteriorated, requiring our team to adapt their methodology to overcome this.

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