Scudder Demolition was appointed as principal contractor for the project to remove all asbestos from the existing Cambridge Military Hospital (CMH) in addition to making the building safe for follow on trades with the use of temporary works. The works will enable the conversion of the CMH into 115 private rental family homes.

Carey Group company ION Environmental was contracted to remove all asbestos-containing materials from the listed structure which presented a considerable challenge due to its dilapidated condition. Our team was integral to the process of ensuring structural safety to enable the work of both ION and follow-on trades, and worked closely with Careys Design Team to develop the required temporary works.

The listed nature of the structure also required a thorough photographic survey of current conditions to maintain its status. Once completed, we worked with British Heritage to identify suitable like-for-like replacements of all items which had been removed for safety reasons.

The discovery of bats within the building presented another challenge to the on-site teams. Our team worked closely with ecological experts to gain the required permits and authorise works to continue. Site supervisors ensured the correct practices were followed when working around the bats, and live feed video surveillance was used to ensure the bats were protected as works took place throughout the roofspace.

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