​Situated in Aldershot, Hampshire, the Cambridge Military Hospital had stood on its original site since 1879 and served generations of military personnel. Due to a decline in Britain’s military commitments after the Second World War, the site was eventually opened to civilian patients, but then closed in 1996 because of spiralling running costs and the discovery of asbestos in the walls.

Abandoned and derelict for many years, the site was eventually marked for redevelopment into some 134 residential units, including nearly 50 ‘affordable’ properties. To make the site safe for habitation and development, we were contracted for asbestos identification and removal.

Our experienced asbestos removal teams faced dry rot and an extensively dilapidated structure, which only worsened as the building’s structure began to dry out after work started. We adapted our systems and processes in response to these challenges.

In addition to this, managing up to 50 personnel across multiple, confined locations often at height required careful risk management to ensure the safety of those involved. As a high-profile local project, this also required close liaison with the local community and key stakeholders.


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