Scudder was appointed as principal contractor for the project to fully strip out and demolish the current Ministry of Justice office block. The works are part of a larger scheme constructing 36 assisted living apartments opposite Channel 4’s HQ.

The scope of works consisted of stripping out soft furnishes prior to the demolition, during this stage scaffolding was erected with monarflex sheeting to protect public right of way from debris. With this in place, demolition commenced from the roof adopting a traditional top down demolition methodology, lifting machines on to the roof to allow progressive working.

Careful severance was carried out to the right side of the building separating the structure from the existing neighbouring school. This allowed a more suitable clearance to the north facing section of the site which created the relevant working area for larger machines to move in. With this, Scudder were able to demolish the remaining building without causing any obstructions. The same methods for careful severance were applied to the opposite elevation where The Territorial Army building adjoined the site. Temporary works were also applied throughout the building and where retaining walls were exposed to the elements, temporary weather proofing was fitted to protect the retaining walls.

Due to the location of the site the project was particularly logistically challenging as the site was bounded by ITV offices, The Territorial Army and a private school. Noise restrictions needed to be implemented and party wall awards to be obtained.

Scudder site team liaised with ITV and the private school, obtaining timetables so a noisy working hour schedule could be put together to mitigate disturbance to both surrounding buildings. A noise monitoring system and software was also put in place whilst the team worked within restricted hours.

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