Scudder Demolition is principal contractor on the complex demolition and façade retention of Lots Road Power Station. The power station will ultimately be converted into a mix of high-end apartments, affordable housing and light commercial units.

The 54-week project involves asbestos removal, soft stripping, structural alterations, provision of extensive temporary works and retention of the existing façade. As part of our works various heritage items will be removed and stored for reuse in the new structure. The tight site footprint adds to the complexity of this project, with the power station located adjacent to the River Thames and London Underground assets. Our specially trained teams undertook intricate demolition work by hand to prevent damage to the river or tunnel walls.

The expertise of Careys Design Team has been pivotal in ensuring the structural integrity of the building throughout the works, along with the use of careful deconstruction techniques by Scudder to significantly reduce the effects of vibrations and movements in the existing structure. The use of 4D modelling by Careys Design Team enabled the optimisation of the temporary works design, accommodating significant structural changes that refined the client’s permanent works design.


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