Scudder Demolition was awarded this prestigious project as part of the Olympic Games Transformation works. The scheme was a major part of the stadium’s transition to accommodate future football games.

The structural alteration works required the removal of seating and enabling works to prepare the middle tier of the stadium for corporate hospitality.

The initial package of works awarded was to undertake the removal of 22,000 seats from the lower tier of the stadium, and to store them for reuse at a later date. Once the lower seats were removed, half of the lower bowl structure was taken down so that cranes could be positioned to undertake the roof removal works.

The team removed the mid-tier level structure to the western elevation, ensuring the simultaneous progress of roof removal works which we had already begun. To complete the works the team utilised HAVS free robotic Brokk demolition machines, ensuring that roof removal works were completed in a safe and efficient manner.

Following the successful completion of this package ahead of schedule, we were awarded further works. This included dismantling the temporary athletes access bridge to the stadium, as well as, the removal of the forty pods surrounding the stadiums podium level that had previously housed the public toilets and concession. These works were undertaken with careful consideration to the load restrictions imposed by working on the elevated podium and again were completed ahead of schedule.


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