Scudder Demolition was principal contractor on the University College London project to redevelop and modernise the Wilkins Terrace area of its campus. The project expanded the lower refectory and included construction of several new offices, alongside works to create a more social and vibrant outdoor area in the Physics Yard. Carey Group company ION Environmental also delivered works on-site, removing quantities of asbestos prior to our works commencing.

Due to the sensitive environment in which the works were carried out, significant planning and precautions were undertaken to minimise the creation of noise, dust, vibration and the general impact of works on-site. A monitoring system was installed as part of our delivery plan and our approach was commended by the Considerate Constructors Scheme auditor during multiple site inspections. 

The works required asbestos removal, soft stripping, demolition of the lower refectory and staircase, mini-piling, and the diversion of LV cables. We also undertook the construction and fit-out of a new service tunnel, installing temporary works for the fire escapes, whilst retaining the listed part of the building. The project was delivered using a cut and lift technique to eliminate vibrations that could impact sensitive experiments taking place in the adjacent Nanotechnology building.

Temporary works were also necessary to improve the facilities and create a site office complete with a meeting room for client meetings and SHED safety training, that at times was also being utilised by the university.

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