Kenneth joined Seneca in 2012 as General Manager and brings extensive industry knowledge and experience, gained over a 16 year period in a number of senior operational and management roles. After starting his career in Ireland managing waste transfer and collection operations, Kenneth moved to England in 2010 to assume the role of General Manager for a large scale waste treatment and recovery facility.

Throughout his career, Kenneth has developed a depth of experience in the recovered fuels markets, perfectly aligning his experience with Seneca's requirements. In recent years, Kenneth has focused on establishing Seneca as one of the UK’s leading RDF producers and building long term partnerships with Europe’s leading Energy from Waste operators.

In 2015 Kenneth was promoted to the role of Operations Director, before being promoted to Managing Director in 2016

Kenneth Doran


We value the importance of the team and our relationship with our customers. That’s at the heart of everything that we do.

We very much have a culture of continuous improvement. We continuously review our processes with a view of making them better and improving our service offering.

It’s a basic business, but an important one. We have an approach to waste treatment and quality that isn’t traditional in our industry, we view it as a manufacturing process. This focused approach to quality and efficiency has enabled us to create an environment that ultimately delivers benefits to our clients and sets us apart from the competition.

In 2016 it became clear to me that the European recovered fuel markets were likely to mature, resulting in a shortage of energy recovery capacity in the UK’s core Dutch, Scandinavian and German markets. To ensure continued growth and development, it became clear that Seneca needed to evolve its production processes, range of fuels and diversify into emerging markets.

Definitely the introduction of the container loading system at our production plant.

We met with our off-take partner, Twence, who voiced their concerns with the efficiency of the off-loading process at their plant and stated that the delivery of loose RDF to their bunker would be the perfect solution.

We, along with our logistic partner, implemented a solution which resulted in the installation of the Slide System at our site. This fully met Twence’s objectives and provided Seneca with a unique logistics solution.

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