Kevin joined Seneca Resource Recovery in 2014 as Commercial Manager, being promoted to Commercial Director in 2017. He brings 30 years’ experience in the waste and recycling industry. During his career he has worked his way up through the ranks and held a number of senior operations, sales and development management roles. The roles he has held have deepened his industry knowledge in a broad range of areas including waste collection, waste processing and treatment and resource exports.

Kevin has overall responsibility for the management of waste flows into the Seneca facility, management of the RDF export process and identification of business development opportunities into new and established markets.

Kevin Sibley


There is a very positive and inclusive culture within the business.  We encourage all members of the team to actively contribute and promote honest and frank conversations. We’re driven to provide solutions that meet our clients’ needs, to achieve this we encourage the right kind of behaviours within our team and give them the resources they need. 

We like to be attentive to the needs of our clients and fully understand what they’re looking for in a supplier and partner. For us, the key words are engagement and relationship. We’ve always wanted to be the UK’s leading RDF exporter and supply partner and we’ve never really lost the drive and infectious enthusiasm we needed to achieved that.

The leadership team is quite diverse in terms of characters and skill sets but we gel together exceptionally well. Being a small and tight-knit team, there is a great energy and we all know exactly what role we play in the team; plus, of course, all the benefits of being part of a large group of companies.

We entered the RDF export market very early in the game, we were one of the original pioneers and have firmly established ourselves as one of the market leaders. If you fast forward to today, the sector has grown significantly and it’s now a much more competitive space so we’re looking further afield into emerging markets. We have had particular success in the Polish market of late and I put this success down to understanding the market dynamic and shaping our offering to promote real win-win partnerships.

It is also vital that we continue to enhance our fuel production processes and develop our market knowledge to make sure that we stay at the front of the sector.

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