In April 2016, Seneca Resource Recovery commenced a four-year contract with Norfolk County Council to receive and process 30,000 tonnes per year of household residual waste. Our solution was based on maximising landfill diversion by processing household waste into RDF for energy recovery via our well-established export supply chain.

To deliver the solution, we entered into a collaborative relationship with Norwich-based PSH Environmental. PSH Environmental is a family-owned business that has been established for over 30 years and had recently commissioned a RDF production line at its recycling facility. This presented a great opportunity for our businesses to join forces to provide Norfolk County Council with a robust solution.

The solution has worked perfectly since day one. The local authority delivers household waste to the PSH Environmental site where it is pre-treated to the correct specification and processed into RDF. We manage the export process and the final energy recovery process; ensuring that the necessary regulatory consents are in place and organising the transportation of the RDF from the PSH site to Attero’s Energy-from-Waste facility in Wijster, Netherlands.

To date, our collaborative solution has fully met the client’s expectations and delivered 100% landfill diversion for over 50,000 tonnes of Norfolk’s household waste.

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