In April 2018, Seneca commenced a five-year contract with West Sussex County Council to transport and recover baled refuse derived fuel (RDF) from their mechanical and biological treatment (MBT) facility, which is located near Horsham. This marks one of the largest public sector RDF supply contracts in recent years.

The West Sussex MBT facility processes over 200,000 tonnes of household waste per year, which it receives from the county’s district and borough councils. This involves separating and treating food waste onsite – to produce bio-gas and compost – as well as recovering any remaining recyclable materials, such as cans and plastic bottles.

The excess, non-food waste constitutes RDF, which is then baled at the MBT facility. Our contract calls for us to transport over 50,000 tonnes of this RDF in the first year, rising to 155,000 tonnes in year three. In order t effectively and efficiently do this, we have formed a joint venture company with Britaniacrest Recycling Ltd – a well-respected, family-owned waste management business with which we have a longstanding relationship. Britaniacrest Recycling operates two recycling facilities, one of which is conveniently located just next door to the West Sussex MBT facility. This strategic partnership gives us a local presence and the ability to monitor the loading and transportation of the RDF, helping to ensure that our system operates like clockwork.

We transport all of the RDF collected from the West Sussex MBT facility to three Energy from Waste (EfW) plants located in Germany and the Netherlands. These EfW plants are operated by EEW Energy from Waste GmbH – Europe’s largest EfW operator, which runs 18 plants throughout Germany and the Netherlands. Because EEW Energy from Waste GmbH handles the entire tonnage of the West Sussex County Council RDF that we transport, we are able to provide West Sussex County Council with a robust and highly sustainable energy recovery solution.

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