Careys Civil Engineering was commissioned to carry out a facelift of hard landscaping, construction of a service yard surfacing of the Event Square in Chiswick Park. Our scope of works involved hard landscaping around the building in the park, along with the installation of precast copping units, conservation slabs, kerbs and precast step units, block paving was laid in the under croft for internal parking. A tarmac surface for the external parking areas was laid and the footpath was completed with resin bonded gravel using Addagrip. In addition to this, our team constructed an earth reinforced retaining wall and service yard.

We were responsible for the construction of hard landscaping of Event Square complete with a bridge and walk ways. This involved high specification paving finishes, tight tolerances and interface with decking, paving and othersurfaces, the installation of high quality street furniture, construction of the new service yard and enabling works.

In the Event Square, precast concrete benches and steps units were constructed. Part of the surface of the Square was laid with a red tarmac (Europave) and then white lines were stencilled on it to create the event space for basketball and other sports. The team worked closely with the landscape architect to achieve tight interfaces between the multiple surfaces, materials and finishes.

Following on from this scheme, our reinforced concrete structures team completed two sub and superstructures to form two prestigious offices on the site.

Chiswick Park, London
Principal Contractor
Stanhope Plc

Head Office

Carey House
Great Central Way