Careys Civil Engineering delivered the hard and soft landscaping elements of the redevelopment of St Bartholomew’s Hospital in Central London. Works involved new hard landscaping around the hospital perimeter and around the main square and churchyard. The perimeter works included laying granite paving and York stone, installing new planters, upgrading the current vegetation and adding new flower beds. Prior to the start of the works, the main square and churchyard had a tarmac finish. This was broken up and removed by our team before the new granite was laid. In addition to the paving, planters and beds, we also installed new ductwork and drainage as part of infrastructure upgrade works throughout the site.

During the tarmac extraction the waste tarmac and concrete were segregated on site and sent to an off-site recycling centre. Mixed waste, including the York and granite stone crates and associated packaging, was removed by Carey Group company, Seneca Resource Recovery. We used recycled materials whenever possible and crushed concrete was used for fill to build up landscaping levels.

St Barts is a fully functioning (and very busy) hospital with staff, patients, students and visitors moving around the campus. We were aware from the outset that we would have to carefully plan our works to eliminate any risk to the general public and we progressed the project in carefully controlled phases. 

On our work on the 2500m2 main square for example, we broke the work into four sections, thoroughly enclosing each section using a barrier system and completing it before opening it up to the public and moving on to the next section.

This hospital is the oldest in the UK that still occupies its original site and the information on the existing services that run underneath the campus could not be relied on for their accuracy. In the course of creating new service ducts we came across many unsurveyed services. We conducted full ground surveys of our own, carried out hand digging and excavated trial holes to ensure that we did not have any incidents on site.

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