The Carey Way is our approach to everything that we do and something that we are exceptionally proud of. Since our first project in 1969 we have been a company that prides itself on doing the right work, in the right way, with the right team.

The Carey Way

We believe in attracting exceptional people and giving them exceptional things to do. We believe in reinvesting our profits to train our teams and to provide them with the right environment and equipment to ensure that they have exactly what they need to achieve the high standards that we provide.

Our extensive in-house Careys Plant & Fleet team provides the bedrock to our approach and forms the core of our reinvestment strategy. Our acquisition of specialist equipment such as tower cranes and vacuum excavators has redefined our approach to prestigious projects including the V&A Museum, Lots Road Power Station and Principal Place.

Ultimately, the Carey Way is all about the way that we work. We recognise that our first duty is to keep our people safe and that if we set out to do things the right way, we're more likely to get the results our clients need.

Careys Plant & Fleet

The Carey Group owns, maintains and operates a large specialist plant and transport fleet which plays a vital supporting role to all of the Carey Group companies.

Careys Plant & Fleet maintains over 2,000 items of specialist equipment and machinery and is responsible for the acquisition, deployment and maintenance of key items of plant for our projects. Careys Plant & Fleet is integral to our ability to overcome complex site challenges and to meet time-sensitive programmes where our tower cranes, vertical excavators and vacuum excavators play a crucial role in delivering excellence for our clients.

All plant is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure safe and effective operation during projects and is certified to the highest levels of both FORS and CLOCS. Careys Plant & Fleet is based at our headquarters in Wembley and provides equipment across the UK and Ireland, promoting rapid mobilisation and continuity of delivery for our clients.

Operational Standards

The Carey Way embodies the standards we have been delivering as a company since 1969. As the Carey Group expanded it became necessary to fully articulate those standards in written and pictorial form to ensure adherence to the high-quality delivery for which Careys is known in the industry.

To deliver this message, the Carey Way standards were developed and made available online to all staff, accessible from smartphones, tablets or desktop computers. Each of our 'Black Hat' supervisors have also been issued with a smartphone to enable access to the standards directly from the workface.

The Carey Way has been developed and embedded by our operational teams with the help of our functional departments, particularly HSE and Quality Assurance. It is always evolving and is championed across the regions by our operational managers and health and safety teams, to help support safe working practices as part of our 'Safe Home Every Day' initiative.

Covering site set-up and construction works to project management, each individual standard consists of a simple list of Dos, Don’ts, Considerations and References – relevant documents that either enhance or provide further details on the proper procedures to be implemented.

Along with the written aspect of the standards, Careys Design Team has created computer generated imagery to visually illustrate the standards we expect against each activity. Using this technology we can articulate in one image exactly what the required standard is, with no room for misinterpretation or ambiguity.

Ultimately, the articulation of the standards and creation of the site provides a tool which allows our teams to have something they can hold up in front of them and say, “is this the Carey Way?”

Pre Construction Planning

From planning a project to handing over to our clients we believe that effective planning is integral to achieving the high standards we set ourselves. Effective planning isn't just about understanding what needs to be done, it also means testing our plan before we get to site and working with our clients to uncover all the hidden variables inherent to our industry.

To ensure we have a truly robust plan of works our teams utilise experience drawn from across our Group and use the latest technologies to stress test programmes and improve the way we work.

From planning asbestos removal works to developing dewatering and remediation strategies, or the structural designs of basements and towers, we know that knowledge is the most powerful tool available to our teams.

Our planning provides clients with greater programme certainty, reduced risk and the reassurance that their project uses the latest and most effective industry techniques.

Self Delivery Model

By directly investing in our people and equipment we provide the highest levels of service to our clients. Our ability to deploy the latest and most innovative specialist equipment unlocks value, especially in sensitive and challenging environments.

This creates considerable progression across all our client's projects, many of which benefit from the integrated nature of our other Carey Group companies:

ION Environmental is a full-service, licenced asbestos surveying, abatement and removal company. Specialist and highly trained staff place safety and quality at the core of their approach, providing legally compliant, bespoke asbestos surveys and removal for any project.

Scudder Demolition, the Group's specialist deconstruction, demolition and civils enabling works company, provides a fully integrated service to support Careys Civil Engineering projects. We often work alongside Scudder Demolition during different phases of development and utilise their extensive expertise to provide our clients with innovative and cost-effective demolition services.

Seneca Resource Recovery, the Group’s specialist environmental solutions provider, operates one of the UK’s largest material recovery facilities and guarantee 100% landfill diversion of all construction waste.

Health and Safety

Our people are our greatest asset. The health, safety and wellbeing of all our team is at the heart of what we do. We understand that more than checklists and procedures, having the right culture is essential to keep our people healthy and safe.

Our in-house Safe Home Every Day (SHED) programme is our bespoke health and safety behavioural change programme created to connect with our people and demonstrate the importance of minimising risk and remaining vigilant to ensure all our people go home safe every day.

Our teams also benefit from the Golden Hour, an initiative we started in 2016 to improve and enhance the channels of communication on site. Site teams and managers walk the site together, exchanging concerns and recommendations to improve the overall performance and safety for everyone.

Ultimately, we reduce the risk to our people through providing them with the tools, knowledge and expertise they need to both manage and reduce risk on our projects, encouraging effective communication and constantly reviewing the way we approach and deliver our work.

Quality and Business Improvement

Since our formation in 1969, Careys Civil Engineering has transformed from a small team of proud groundworkers to a nationwide, specialist civil engineering company that provide a wide range of construction services.

Our growth has vastly increased the complexity of the services supporting our projects which are key to the high standards we provide our clients. To ensure we deliver the highest standards of safety and quality, we are pursuing several key targets defined by our Executive Board.

Our teams capture vast amounts of project, supplier and client data. Our effective decision making relies on knowing the right information at the right time and most importantly, knowing that it's accurate.

We invest in the latest technologies and streamlining our data capture, processing and retrieval systems to enable our people to make informed decisions. Behavioural science methods are used throughout the Group to improve the certainty and quality of our decision-making processes.


The Carey Group seeks to mitigate and eliminate any negative social, economic and environmental impacts of our works whilst taking measures to improve the value of our works to clients and the public.

We choose projects with care and do not tender for work that we cannot deliver in the right way. We seek to take a holistic and sustainable approach to project delivery, considering materials use, buildability and energy management, logistics and preventing pollution, minimising the impact on the environment and incorporating whole life costing into the project.

We also depend on others and we work with clients, suppliers and other partners to enhance the effectiveness of our measures. We choose like-minded construction partners, the choices we make in subcontractor and supply chain selection helps to operate as a business in line with our values, caring about delivering on our promises and caring about how our work impacts on the environment. Where possible we engage with local subcontractors and use a local supply chain which has the positive effect of creating local jobs and spending along with helping communities and small contractors.

At pre-construction phase we integrate customised, innovative and affordable environmental solutions into our planning which ensures that projects meet their goals for both budget and sustainability. We work extensively with clients, agencies, local authorities, statutory bodies and their teams to resolve issues before we get to site. In operational delivery we are supported in achieving our sustainability goals through the in-house capabilities of our Careys Design Team whose strengths lie in their detailed, first-hand knowledge of construction methodology and planning.

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