The Carey Way is about creating the best possible environment for success in all that we do. Attention to detail and robust planning play an integral part in achieving this, by improving certainty and reducing the risk of unforeseen events during construction.

This planning begins well before a contractor arrives on site and entails extensive collation of data from numerous sources involved in a project to create a virtual model of the site, to map out potential risks, and to develop solutions which overcome challenging site conditions.

The Carey Way

We believe in removing uncertainty for our clients by developing an in-depth understanding of our projects and deploying the latest technologies and thinking to deliver excellence through our design capabilities. 

Our teams are empowered to improve our processes, our approach and our quality of design, and are provided with extensive industry training and in-house investment to achieve the highest standards of quality.

Collaborative Working

Our ideas never come from a single person but from a collaboration of specialist disciplines. Our design process ensures that we bring these specialists together in the right way to enable them to add maximum value throughout the process. This process is detailed through our Construction Engineering Plan of Work, which defines the roles and responsibilities of Planners, Engineers, Construction Manager,and Animators for each stage of design.

Health and safety

Careys Design Team treats Health and Safety issues as an integral element of construction process design. We place great importance on developing buildable solutions – we do not consider a design complete until we understand the exact on-site build process for each element. Where risks are identified, our team redevelops key processes and methodologies to eliminate them or develop practicable risk management solutions. As a result of this, contractors operating on the project have greater ability to control safety and improve project certainty.

Quality and business improvement

Our culture of innovation and continuous improvement has seen us deliver value engineering options for a range of projects across the UK. 

We assure high quality work by fully understanding every aspect of a project. We ensure we have the right tools for the job, that we understand our sites and clients and ultimately that we're giving ourselves the best possible environment in which to achieve a quality result.

An example of this was our input on 22 Bishopsgate where our team modelled and developed a bespoke, self-erecting jumpform system for one of the tallest towers in London. The system enabled construction of all structural columns within the core jumpform, reducing the time originally required for construction of the tower by ten weeks. 

Our determination to attract and develop the best in the industry has established our ability to deliver outstanding levels of customer satisfaction and to deliver works safely and with minimal impact to live environments. Our teams undergo continuous training and utilise internal and external feedback to constantly improve our methodologies and techniques.

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