Capturing the true spirit of community, our site teams in Manchester have been providing ongoing support to Barnabus, a local charity that offers a range of services to help the homeless and other vulnerable groups in Manchester.

Their drop-in centre at the Beacon sees over 2,300 visitors through its door each month and provides a vital space for giving hope and building new relationships.

Over morning and evening drop-in sessions, visitors can come to the centre and make the most of a cooked breakfast or dinner, showers, fresh clothing, healthcare and social activities.

As the centre relies solely on committed volunteers to stay open, throughout 2019 our site teams have been visiting the centre on several occasions, volunteering their time and skills to support the charity.

During their visits, the teams assisted with preparing breakfasts, doing the laundry, cleaning, providing fresh clothes to the visitors and completing maintenance jobs.

After visiting the drop-in centre for the first time, there was only one toaster to make toast for a long queue of people. With the support of Careys Foundation, the teams had a fantastic idea to donate a voucher to the centre, which they had won from a previous charity challenge, so that they could buy some new ones.

Over Christmas, they also made a visit to hand out clothes which had been donated as part of a collection from our project teams at The Residence, St Johns Square, Woodsmith Mine and Potato Wharf for the charity.

It’s such an amazing way to make a positive contribution to the lives of those less fortunate than us – and also supporting our Manchester community.

Judith Pabwaungana - Trainee Quantity Surveyor

Our Manchester sites will continue to build on the relationship they have established with the charity this year and provide support throughout 2020.

We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Barnabus and doing what we can to help them to support the people of Manchester.

Campbell McGregor - Regional Operations Manager
Focus Area

Head Office

Carey House
Great Central Way