With our volunteer initiative employees on site and within our regional offices have opportunities to experience a change to their day to day working environment.

Through activities ranging from gardening within local communities, supporting the development of young talent to front line engagement in local charity shops, Carey Group employees frequently highlight the impact of their experience and the insight stemmed from their volunteer days, reiterating the purpose and nature of their chosen charities.  

Constance, Darren and John from Careys Civil Engineering spent a day as a team at Glengall Wharf gardens, a community garden open to all within the area of North Peckham, London. The garden enables local residents to socialise whilst producing fresh produce and a green picturesque landscape. 

The team lent a hand by clearing overgrown areas, weeding raised beds and harvesting some of the produce within the garden. Their day demonstrated the wider benefits of volunteering, through meeting other volunteers and learning more about the significance and impact of community gardens such as Glengall.   

Our day was great, we thoroughly enjoyed it and agreed that we would do it again.

Darren Potter, Head of Delivery, Careys Civil Engineering
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