Throughout the Carey Group, we regularly see employees embracing our values of Charity, Community and Volunteering.

These range from charitable challenges such as the annual Tough Mudder, to site led community projects and continuous application of employee skills to charitable causes through volunteer days.

Applying their technological skills, Bradley and Ajay from the IT department spent the day volunteering at Hackney’s 50+ Drop in Centre. The centre provides clients with an understanding on how to use the latest digital devices including laptops, phones and tablets, whilst simultaneously creating a social hub for attendees to engage with others and meet new people.

Bradley and Ajay supported attendees with demonstrations on how to use devices, create a blog and use different software packages, whilst spending time socialising and interacting with clients. 

This was definitely a worthwhile cause and an eye opener, it does make you appreciate the simple things in life which are taken for granted each day.

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