We love hearing about Carey Group employees' volunteering experiences first hand.

Through the Carey Group’s internal social platforms employees across Careys receive updates and news on their colleagues’ experiences. Through these internal communications more and more employees have taken on volunteering days, achieving our aim of providing opportunities for all employees to engage in charitable causes.

Russell and Nikki spent their volunteering day with Share Horticulture in their polytunnels garden in Tooting. Open throughout the year, the garden produces bedding and decorative plants, food crops and herbs. Using horticultural therapy they help to improve their students physical and mental health, developing their soft skills further through gardening.

Russell and Nikki helped by clearing pathways and weeds within the garden and removing bramble bushes. They created lasting relationships with new friends from Scotland and France and thoroughly enjoyed their experience. 

We got a great workout from the tough brambles and they were awesome people to spend the day with.

Russell Cleland , Senior Engineer, Careys Civil Engineering
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