Giving back close to home, Careys Foundation helped to transform and create a community garden for the residents of St Raphael’s estate in North West London, 1 mile from the Carey Group’s Head Office in Wembley.

We partnered with Sufra, a community food-bank and kitchen, Seneca Resource Recovery, who are also part of the Carey Group Company and the residents of St Raphael’s. Our involvement helped to create a new food growing space open to all within the St Raphael’s community, transforming the landscape from unused, derelict land to bright and green views for the estate. The team helped to totally transform the site by creating an edible garden harvesting a range of fruit trees, growing wild meadow flowerbeds and growing vegetables such as peppers, herbs and lettuce and wild meadow flowerbeds.

Through horticulture, local children from surrounding schools have spent time at the gardens nearby kitchen learning how to make healthy meals using the fresh produce grown within the garden. S

t Raphael's garden has also shown a wide range of benefits to the local community, whilst providing a haven for gardening enthusiasts such as Roger, a resident at St Raphael's estate, to devote time towards their hobbies.  

Without your help we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Roger Hanlon, St Raphael’s estate resident
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