In early 2017, Careys Foundation took on an exciting project at The Acorn Centre in Bushey, Hertfordshire in aid of the Primary Behaviour Partnership (PBP).

PBP is a charity providing educational and emotional support for vulnerable children aged between 5 years and 11 years at risk of, or who have been permanently excluded from school. Prior to works commencing, the PBP team had to support these children within an environment contrary to that of a traditional school and were operating from an indoor play centre for children.

Following an employee from the Carey Group recognising the aims, purpose and a charitable opportunity for Careys Foundation, we were made aware of the project and need for a new learning facility. With the hard work of our project teams, Careys Foundation helped to build a temporary structure on nearby, unused land creating a new classroom and real educational environment for the children to learn in.

With the learning facility situated on a children's farm, Farmyard Funworld, students benefit from spending time with the animals learning the importance of care and how to treat others. Officially opened in April 2017, this project demonstrates how involvement with a community can transform and enhance the academic potential and opportunities available to children who need them most.

Without Careys Foundation we couldn't have done this, everyone from the team was passionate about what the children needed.

Jan Crook, Local Partnership Lead
Focus Area

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Carey House
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