We strive to provide all Carey Group employees with opportunities to engage within local communities and charitable causes they are passionate about.

Through our volunteering initiative employees are given the time to devote their skills and interests to a range of charities. Varying from outdoor activities such as gardening to culinary skills in soup kitchens and digital skills at an IT drop in centre for the elderly. Applying their skills and personal qualities employees highlight our values of altruistic engagement within and around the communities we live and work in. 

Niamh and Lisa spent quality time with senior members of the local community at The Dementia Café, ran by Ashford Place, a charity who strive to increase community cohesion in Cricklewood. Niamh and Lisa supported on the day and took part in organised activities including puzzles, crosswords and pottery, whilst also supporting staff with the delivery of workshops. 

The experience was a joy, we even performed an Irish dance for the group!

Lisa O’Rourke, Office Manager, Carey Group

It’s amazing the difference that a cup of tea, chat or sing song can have in someone’s life.

Niamh Fitzpatrick, Assistant Surveyor, Carey New Homes
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