Careys Foundation helped give back to the people of Dundee by creating a community garden for all to use adjacent to the new V&A Museum.

The relationship with the community garden team stemmed through the project works of Careys Civil Engineering (CCE) at the new and iconic V&A Museum. After discussions of the new landscape for the community, CCE recognised an opportunity for charitable involvement with Careys Foundation in mind. 

Following discussions with the V&A Museum team and Careys Foundation, we were privileged to support in the creation of a community garden open to all in Dundee.

The project has transformed part of Dundee’s waterfront and was designed by people living with and recovering from a range of health complications. Officially opened in October 2017, the garden has created a picturesque, open green space for socialising and community planting. With the importance of sustainability valued and recognised, the garden was also designed with an overhead feature to collect rainwater for watering the plants.

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to support the development of such an important social space in conjunction with our ongoing works at the V&A Museum Dundee. We are delighted to give something back to the community.

Patrick Duffy, CCE Project Manager
Focus Area

Head Office

Carey House
Great Central Way