Careys robust self-delivery model enables us to offer a wide range of specialist solutions. One way that we significantly support and enhance our self-delivery capabilities is by investing in equipment through Careys Plant & Fleet. As part of this approach, we have recently taken delivery of our first two Wacker Neuson DV90 Dual View trucks, which further strengthens our ability to self-deliver.

The dual view concept allows a comfortable and quick change of the driver’s seat position, through a 180° turn of the entire operating and seat console. In this way, the operator can quickly and easily change the direction of travel, whilst always maintaining perfect vision during transportation, loading and unloading. Operators can conveniently perform the seat rotation function from the driver's seat, by simply unlocking the seat console and turning it around.

Commenting on this latest investment, Gary Condon, Managing Director of Careys Plant & Fleet, said:

The Wacker Neuson Dual View trucks are a great addition to our ever-expanding fleet. What inspired us to make this investment were the additional safety benefits that the trucks offer. These stem mainly from the 180° rotating driver’s seat, which lets the driver quickly and easily change the line of sight and the forward direction of travel.

Gary added, 

Not only does the rotational capacity cut out the need for time-consuming turning and manoeuvring, but, more importantly, it also makes the truck safer to drive, since the operator is always facing forwards. This can be especially important on small, cramped construction sites, for example in inner city areas, or in tunnels or on busy roads. In a dual view truck, the operator is always able to keep an eye on the work environment – which significantly improves driver safety and the overall safety on-site. Even a fully loaded skip no longer obstructs the view, because the driver can position the skip behind him, like with a truck, restoring full forward visibility.

The DV90 Dual View trucks are already in operation on our sites at Barking Riverside.

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