Lee Ebbut

Chief Information Officer

‘ I am passionate about delivering value across the entire business using digital solutions and putting data at the heart of everything we do. I am an innovational leader that listens to the business challenges and identifies digital solutions that make a difference to the way we work. I am privileged to be leading the transformation programme at Careys and I am passionate about building, and mentoring, a strong capability that will underpin the values of the Group, and helps us achieve our business objectives.

I joined the Carey Group in 2022. Prior to joining I’d worked in the transportation and aviation sectors, as a Transformational Digital Leader with over 25 years’ experience of leading, operating, planning and delivering complex transformation projects and businesses globally.

My role as Chief Information Officer encompasses being an innovational leader, driving transformation, and implementing Digital strategies to gain competitive advantage, through sustainability, customer excellence, process governance, and improved profitability.

I’m excited to bring to the role extensive Board and Executive Level experience, leadership of large teams and budgets with a passion to ensure technology solves business problems and transforms the customer and employee experience to deliver real value to all of the Carey Group divisions.

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