Martin McGuire

Director of Operations (London and South East)

Leadership for me is understanding the task and listening to the team. I assign an expert to a component part of our puzzle to ensure their success – that they feel motivated and inspired to achieve and that everyone has a voice. Leadership is relationships – and our engineers are great at building bridges!

Working at Careys feels like an extended family. We all play a part in looking out for each other, as well as holding each other to account and learn from each other.

My role is to deliver cohesion, and bring together the right expertise across the company to ensure we always continually improve. As Engineering Director, I am responsible for ensuring that our Health & Safety, Engineering, Design & Planning are all linked together and provides our client partners with safe, innovative and timely solutions that minimise risk. As well as supporting our operational teams to successfully deliver our national projects, my role is also to ensure that experts from across our Group Services teams are contributing to improvement projects that progress us an organisation.

I am Chair of the Operational Improvement Panel at Careys, to ensure we are harnessing innovation and expertise from across the organisation.

I decided to come over the UK to do backpacking in 1997. I progressed my career through various roles, until I joined Careys as a Site Engineer in 2000, my career journey has seen me progress through different levels, getting an understanding of the challenges at each one.

I was born in Scotland and raised in Southern Africa. My dad was an ex-navy engineer, and always had high ambitions for us. At school I enjoyed Maths, Sciences and Geography and my early ambition was to become a Mechanical Engineer. As a teenager in South Africa, I worked in a factory on a milling machine in a big hot metal shed – safe to say that put me off! I joined the army, which gave me time to think about what I really enjoyed – the great outdoors. That really inspired me to start my career in Civil Engineering. I got a scholarship at college and worked out on the field with pipe layers, carpenters, steel fixers and other trades and remember feeling grateful of the life experience I’d gained.

A construction manager believed in me and took me under his wing in those days of my early career – I’ll never forget the impact that had on me. I’ve been fortunate to work with so many different cultures throughout my career, including on projects in rural Africa where there was no infrastructure – connecting and engaging with tribal communities and working with them was a fantastic career experience.

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