Shaun Rowberry

Group Marketing Director

I would describe my leadership style as encouraging, passionate and purposeful – everyone’s voice and unique contribution should be heard and I enjoy supporting teams to build relationships, develop solutions and achieve goals.

I enjoy working at Careys, simply because it’s a great place to work and we do so many great things. I jump out of bed each morning and feel honoured to work with so many brilliant people who are passionate about what they do and are thriving due to our empowered culture. It is extremely important to me to work within a construction business which is socially responsible and that together with Careys Foundation, is what is at the heart of the Carey Group.

What I bring to the Group is passion, enthusiasm, and a diverse skill set. I help the business to identify and win work, elevate our brand identity by sharing our great success stories and details of what makes Careys, Careys, in addition to supporting the business and our teams to build Partner of Choice relationships with clients, supply chain partners and industry influencers.

I started my career as a civil engineer and have been fortunate enough to work on some of the most challenging and complex civil engineering infrastructure projects in the UK and Southeast Asia, most notably the construction of Hong Kong’s Tsing Yi MTR Station. My career has spanned project management, contract administration, bid management, business development and marketing. It was in marketing that I found my true passion and working for Careys has given me my absolute purpose.

I joined Careys over 10 years ago and was drawn to the business because of the family ethics and big ambitions. One of my first projects was to elevate the Group’s brand identity and ‘We Care’ as a strapline picked itself. Over the past decade my role has evolved and broadened – in addition to my marketing duties, I have also had the pleasure of helping to shape our business generation and work winning capabilities and more recently the Group’s 5-year strategy. My career journey has always been driven by the growing needs of the Group, and my purpose was set when I was introduced to Careys ‘big ambitions’ during my interview.

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