Careys creates new dementia garden at Kettering Hospital

As part of Careys’ ongoing commitment to giving back to the community, Careys Civil Engineering and BDL Dry Lining recently helped to complete Kettering Hospital’s new dementia garden. We transformed the former courtyard of this hospital in Northamptonshire into a bright and welcoming new garden where patients can safely relax and socialise.

  • The Carey Group
  • Wednesday 24th April 2019

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The effects of dementia

Dementia is associated with the ongoing decline of brain functioning. It produces a range of negative, life-altering symptoms, such as memory loss and declining mental sharpness. Today, an estimated 850,000 people in the UK live with dementia. That number is predicted to rise to 1 million by 2021 and 2 million by 2051. It is important that patients who suffer from this mentally debilitating illness have a safe haven where they can spend some time outdoors.

Supporting Kettering Hospital’s Forget-Me-Not campaign

We first became aware of this initiative in 2017. At that time, a member of the Careys Civil Engineering team, working on our Graven Hill residential project, noticed an advertisement in his local paper about Kettering Hospital’s Forget-Me-Not campaign to raise money for the new garden.

It has turned out to be a very successful appeal, raising more than £27,000 from generous donations from various companies and individuals to help bring this garden to life.

Creating a welcoming new garden

Our contribution to the Forget-Me-Not project was a joint effort. Careys Civil Engineering coordinated the build and demolition works of the project, with vital support from fellow Carey Group company, BDL Dry Lining and aided by local firm SJP Builders.

Our scope of works on this worthy project included installing a water feature, carrying out external rendering on the walls and installing a temporary external door.

This new garden has already begun to provide a pleasing communal area, where patients can pass the time outdoors. They can enjoy a range of features, such as a seaside-themed mural, musical equipment and a lighthouse. Jayne Chambers, Kettering Hospital’s Cancer Services Manager who served as the organiser for the Forget-Me-Not dementia garden appeal, expressed her gratitude to the team. She commented:

It’s really hard to think of just one example that sums up the generosity of Careys, and the other companies who contributed to this project. Only with the unshakable support of everybody involved, have we been able to bring this dream to life.

The teams have been so kind, courteous and engaging. They have truly understood why this space is so important to the people in our hospital who are living with dementia. Even though the site wasn’t the easiest to work in, with its restricted access, nobody ever moaned. I believe strongly that everybody worked with commitment and passion to get the job done. I really can’t thank Careys enough for being a part of this amazing transformation.

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Kettering dementia garden
Kettering dementia garden

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